About Us

mface is Malaysia's first social network platform, also our country's first mobile game social platform. People with various purposes join mface, to get the entertainment they want and even more, connect people of every kind with different interests together in mface. In the Internet era, mface continues to develop in many ways, to be more integrated into the various other elements, pursuing to become 'Asia's No.1 social networking platform'!

In addition, mface entertainment platform is creating a new line of entertainment. Create a network breakthrough the traditional mode of live online radio stations, with an interactive online platform for users to have an online interactivity with artists and DJ, where people can interact with the DJs as they speak live in the online radio. To become 'Asia's No.1 mobile social Network platform' is not just our slogan, mface will go all-out to be the best. Heading towards being a global social network platform, to be an innovative platform with our own unique style; by putting social networking, games and various entertainments together all-in-one, to become a one-stop platform. We have added a user feedback function that creates a home site atmosphere for users to "go back home" by checking-in in mface daily, to create a habitual daily attendance for users to accumulate points upon checking-in then exchange for physical prizes, virtual prizes, and games tokens.

mface will charge forward and go beyond to reached out to whole of Asia, then achieve worldwide recognition having users all around the world. So let us join hands in creating the future, and touch people's hearts!

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